Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Day 2: Project Manuelito

Today we went to Project Manuelito in Talanga:

Project Manuelito is a ministry of Amor y Vida (Love and Life) Church. It works with children who live on the streets of Tegucigalpa, and provides them with a home and an education, but more than that: teaches them about God's love for them.  

I spent time out there in 2009 (about a week if I remember) and I visited there more briefly in 2010. It was wonderful to see the ways the ministry has grown and to see many of the same children.  The Honduran school year has ended, but they were having review sessions, so I was able to peek in on a couple of those, and one of the girls gave me a really good tour.   

I may not have felt particularly tired yesterday, but today the wave of exhaustion has hit.  At least it did so on the ride back from Manuelito!  I have already heard and spoken more Spanish in the last day and a half than I have in the last four years!  I can certainly tell that I am rusty, but I have been able to understand and communicate all that I have really needed to so far.

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