Recipes for Honduran food (modified for those of us in the US)

Carne Asada
This is a recipe that requires you to think about a day ahead of time.  Take a pound of beef (not sure what cut it is here, but something reasonably lean) and cut it into strips.  Place it in a ziplock bag or a glass pan (if you do it in a pan make sure the pan is rather small for the meat so the bottom of the pan is covered). Cover it in:  the juice of a sour orange (lemon or lime can also be used), onion (real onion or mined and dried work), pepper, cumin, and garlic.  Once you've let it sit in your refrigerator about 24 hours, fry it up on the grill or on the stove top in a fry pan with a little oil.


Chop 1-2 tomatos, 1 onion, and 1/2 green pepper. Sprinkle this with lemon or lime juice (about 1/4 cup). Mix in 1 tablespoon each of cumin and salt. Mix it all together and let it sit at least overnight. This is often sprinkled over "Tacos Mexicanos" (recipe to follow). I have seen it also eaten more like a salad. If you wish to do this you will probably want to add less salt.

Tacos Mexicanos

(This is the name I heard them called in Honduras. I haven't spent enough time in Mexico to know if these tacos are typical of Mexican tacos or if there is another name for them. If you have more information please let me know- I am curious!)

Slice beef into thin strips. Place in skillet on stove along with enough oil to make sure the meat doesn't stick. Sprinkle meat with salt, cumin, and black pepper. Cook over medium heat (adjusting as necessary) until meat is done, stirring, turning over to make sure meat cooks evenly. Serve on corn tortillas and top with chismol. If you wish you can add a sprinkle of cheese. Honduran cheese is hard to find, but mozzarella or Parmesan make decent substitutions.

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