Saturday, December 5, 2015

A New Routine

I am getting used to the routine of my life here in Siguatepeque.  While I am not a person who loves structure, I am finding a certain amount of comfort and normalicy in having a weekly routine.

On Sundays I attend both services at my church and this takes most of my day, except for a couple hours in the afternoon which is a great time to rest or talk to family through Google Hangout (it's a lot like Skype).

Monday-Friday I have class for 4 hours in the afternoon.  It's sounds like a long time to sit in the same class but the teachers are great about having a variety of activities and topics.  Sometimes class is not even in the classroom.  One of my vocabulary lessons involved taking a walk around the neighborhood with my teacher so that she could show me various types of building materials and vocabulary associated with giving directions.  This coming week I will have another teacher is going to come and teach me the vocabulary associated with jewelry making and we are going to actually make some jewelry!  In the mornings and evenings I study, work on reports/newsletters/etc, do laundry and hang out with my host family.
On Tuesdays I stay at school for a Bible study (in English) and a potluck meal.  Most of the people who come to the study are fellow students, but there are some area missionaries who come as well.  On Wednesdays my church has a service which I try to make it to (although it's more complicated because it starts after dark, but early enough that I am not necessarily done eating supper, so I don't always make it to that service.

On Saturdays I go downtown, poke around little shops, get a few groceries and other things I need and eat lunch out.  Sometimes I go alone, sometimes with friends.  Today I went with two other students from the school and we had a great time running errands, getting things we needed, and finishing up at a favorite outdoor restaurant that serves a very yummy Italian panini.

The lady who I live with is a very good cook and she cooks all three meals for me every day except for Sunday when I cook for myself (or eat leftovers from Saturday's lunch!).   I have a room to myself, and I share the upstairs bathroom with any other student who might be living in the house at the time (there is a second upstairs bedroom).  The living room of the house is also upstairs, and for the most part we are the only ones who use it).

Life here is quite different from my life in the States, and while there are elements of my life in Oklahoma that I miss, I am enjoying my life here as well.  I am so grateful for the way God has provided for me here and for the peace and comfort only He can give in the middle of transition!