Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Role to Play

Yesterday I sat down with a friend to begin plans for some lessons I will teach on missions at a youth camp.  She and I talked about what subjects I should cover and how to divide the information into four sessions.  We talked about what kinds of things teenagers(the target audience) should know about missions.  One of the things we discussed was how important it is to know about all the different roles that are played in missions.

Not every missionary is a pastor or Sunday school teachers.  Some are doctors and nurses; others are accountants and office workers.  Some missionaries work with their hands as mechanics, electricians, and farmers.  Some teach English or other subjects in schools and training programs.

One of the roles I will play is in communications.  Even as a photography intern in Honduras I didn't grasp all the ways that communications is important in missions.  I probably still don't.  My area is mostly visual (photography and graphic design), and a little in written.  Others are great at making videos, spoken communications, and are fantastic writers.  It's used in ministry in the countries we work in.  Maybe it's putting together a Bible study, making a video to portray Biblical principles, or helping publicize an outreach.

But one thing I've realized over the last year or two is how communications can be used to share what is doing in Honduras (or wherever!) with the people back home!  This is really important because those of you who live in the US are such an important part of our team.  While I am here raising funds in the US, it's so wonderful to get updates and receive communication from Honduras because it connects me to the ministry there.  It reminds me to pray for it, helps me know how to pray, and helps me when I share with others about the work God is doing in Honduras.  It lets me be part of the team even when I am not there.

That's one of my goals- to use the gifts God has given in communication to help connect you with the ministry in Honduras! If you have any ideas of how I can keep you better updated, please let me know!

(Sorry I have not written in a while, it's been a very busy month with travelling and some illness, fortunately I am feeling better and I have a few weeks at home to get reorganized!)