Monday, September 29, 2014

The BEST Reason, the REAL Reason, the ONLY Reason


This is the reason I am going to Honduras.  As compelling as the other reasons are, they pale in comparison with this one. Yes, education, economic matters, and helping street children  are all great causes.  But the Gospel is what gives it eternal value.  And that's the best Reason.

More Good Reasons


This is a huge percentage.  Compare that with the number of people living in poverty in your community to get a better picture.


Once again, compare this to your community.  Extreme poverty means that you have trouble providing even the most basic of needs.  Food, shelter, etc...


A number of bloggers have tried living on $1.00 a day.  They found it extremely challenging, and they were only trying to provide their food for that- forget about the housing and other needs.



Education is free (and compulsary) until 7th grade, but even before then the cost of things such as school uniforms and transportation to and from school are too much for families.  After sixth grade the dropout rate grows greatly as seventh grade and up are no longer free to attend.


Some families no only cannot afford the money to send their child to school, they also cannot afford to not have the child work.  The family may need help on the family farm or perhaps someone to go into the town/city and sell things like homemade sweets.


In rural areas the options are especially limited.  

While having an education does not guarantee employment, it is certainly a huge advantage.  Possessing computer skills or being bilingual open up job possibilities.  Having a highschool degree (not to mention a college one) can be the road to a much better life.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

For the Kids

Reason #10

While I was in Honduras I met children who live on the streets.  Words cannot describe the feeling of looking into their eyes, talking to them, and seeing their situation.  It's impossible to not be changed by it. And impossible to not do something.

Reason #9

Seeing their living situation made it plain just how at risk they are.  There is no safe place to sleep.  There is no guaranteed food supply.  Just begging and stealing.

Reason #8

Some of them are orphans, others might as well be.  Look into the eyes of your child or another you love, and think about how over in Honduras there is a child very much like the one in front of you, but who doesn't have anyone to hug them and tell them how much Jesus loves them.

So, what does this have to do with Escuela El Sembrador?  El Sembrador trains young people to be Godly leaders, and has been doing so for 60 years.  One El Sembrador Alum started the Manuelito Project which gives a home to children who live on the streets.  Not only do these children get a place to sleep and food to eat, they learn about their Heavenly Father.

I don't mean this to be manipulative and sad like one of those TV adds.  I mean it to show reality, and to ask you what part you can play in changing that reality.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What's Your Reason? Challenge

Introducing the


If you've just been challenged or you've seen someone else do it and you want to know more, you've come to the right place to find out more!

How it works
To participate in the challenge first pray about what God would have you give.  You can make your donation by going to: (Email me at if you would prefer to make a donation through the mail).  Donations can be one time gifts of any size, or a commitment to monthly support (once again, this can be any amount).  Another way to participate is to ask your church about having me come to share about the ministry in Honduras.

Then,  you make a post to Facebook containing:

2 Pictures of yourself holding signs (or you could substitute a video!).  In the first picture you hold a sign saying what you are doing.  Something like one of these two, depending on how you are giving: 

The second picture you take would be you holding a sign with your reason for giving.  What is your reason?  Check our these blogs for reason or use your own reason.

Along with the pictures include:

A link back to this blog entry so that others can see who and what you are talking about.

A challenge at least one other person to do the challenge by tagging him or her in your post.

A link to the page where donations can be made:

A few Other thoughts:

Be creative!  How can you grab people's attention?  A really cool sign?  Maybe get your really adorable dog to hold it?

You do not have to be challenged by someone, you can challenge yourself to do it!

Need help?  Not sure how to do something?  Questions?  I'll be happy to help.

So, why Facebook?  Why a challenge?
Social media is a great way to get people's attention these days.  It's something many people check frequently, and posts that include pictures and videos often catch a lot of attention.  Why a challenge?  Because it's fun!  And it may get the attention of someone who would  not really give much thought to participating.  

The goal is for it to spread and reach as many people as possible.  Of course larger donations are great, but don't feel like you have to have a lot of money to give in order to be a blessing! Gifts of all sizes add up. If the challenge reaches 20 people who can only give $5 each, then that's $100.  My greatest need is for monthly support, but one time gifts are great too.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

PRAY -5 Resources To Help Your Pray for Honduras (And Other Countries Around the World)

It's not unusual to tell someone that you will be praying for them.  But do you find yourself forgetting to pray or only praying a sentence or two because you aren't really sure what to PRAY FOR?  Although there is certainly a place for unspoken prayer requests, I find that in general, I pray much more fervently when I know more about the prayer request.

Here are some helpful for resources to help you pray for Honduras.  Most of them have pages for pretty much every country in the World, so you can use these sites to help you as you pray for many countries around the World.

1) Prayer Cast-  Check out the short video (which is a prayer for Honduras illustrated with video clips of Honduras) and read about the country of Honduras.  There is also a list of prayer requests.

2) Operation World (Statistics and facts about the spread of the Gospel in Honduras):

3) The Joshua Project (Learn about unreached people groups in Honduras.).

4) If It Were My Compare the US to Honduras (or any country to any other country).  Not necessarily a Christian resource, but it's really helpful in getting and idea of what life is like in Honduras.  Great for teaching kids.:

5) The CIA World Factbook:

World Gospel Mission (click on a ministry name to learn more):
WGM's EL Sembrador Page: