Wednesday, September 17, 2014

For the Kids

Reason #10

While I was in Honduras I met children who live on the streets.  Words cannot describe the feeling of looking into their eyes, talking to them, and seeing their situation.  It's impossible to not be changed by it. And impossible to not do something.

Reason #9

Seeing their living situation made it plain just how at risk they are.  There is no safe place to sleep.  There is no guaranteed food supply.  Just begging and stealing.

Reason #8

Some of them are orphans, others might as well be.  Look into the eyes of your child or another you love, and think about how over in Honduras there is a child very much like the one in front of you, but who doesn't have anyone to hug them and tell them how much Jesus loves them.

So, what does this have to do with Escuela El Sembrador?  El Sembrador trains young people to be Godly leaders, and has been doing so for 60 years.  One El Sembrador Alum started the Manuelito Project which gives a home to children who live on the streets.  Not only do these children get a place to sleep and food to eat, they learn about their Heavenly Father.

I don't mean this to be manipulative and sad like one of those TV adds.  I mean it to show reality, and to ask you what part you can play in changing that reality.

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