Wednesday, September 10, 2014

PRAY -5 Resources To Help Your Pray for Honduras (And Other Countries Around the World)

It's not unusual to tell someone that you will be praying for them.  But do you find yourself forgetting to pray or only praying a sentence or two because you aren't really sure what to PRAY FOR?  Although there is certainly a place for unspoken prayer requests, I find that in general, I pray much more fervently when I know more about the prayer request.

Here are some helpful for resources to help you pray for Honduras.  Most of them have pages for pretty much every country in the World, so you can use these sites to help you as you pray for many countries around the World.

1) Prayer Cast-  Check out the short video (which is a prayer for Honduras illustrated with video clips of Honduras) and read about the country of Honduras.  There is also a list of prayer requests.

2) Operation World (Statistics and facts about the spread of the Gospel in Honduras):

3) The Joshua Project (Learn about unreached people groups in Honduras.).

4) If It Were My Compare the US to Honduras (or any country to any other country).  Not necessarily a Christian resource, but it's really helpful in getting and idea of what life is like in Honduras.  Great for teaching kids.:

5) The CIA World Factbook:

World Gospel Mission (click on a ministry name to learn more):
WGM's EL Sembrador Page:

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