Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Education Here and There

Around here school is starting, but if we were in Honduras, there would only be a couple of months left in the school year.  That's one of a few differences between Honduran schools and those in the US.

1)  School in Honduras goes from 1st Grade to to 11th Grade, rather than our system from Kindergarten to 12th Grade.  The first six years are compulsory (although some children do not go if the school is too far away or the family cannot afford the cost of supplies).

2) School only goes half a day in many schools.  In more expensive private schools classes go all day, but public schools and many private schools run their classes in the morning or afternoon.  Highschool students sometimes have the option of night classes, which helps students who work.

3) Every student wears a uniform in every school in Honduras.  The uniforms are a lot like the ones we have in the US, except that the style of shirt is a little different.

4) Many students don't go past 6th grade, and even fewer make it til 9th.  Up until sixth grade the government provides free public schools, but after that, students must pay tuition.  This combined with the fact that many families could use the income that the child could bring in means that many students don't continue. Those who do often work to pay their way through school.

Escuela El Sembrador provides an education for those who otherwise could not afford one.  An education provides hope.  And what's hope worth?  A lot.  El Sembrador teaches students about Christ.  And what's a relationship with Christ worth?  Everything.  It's priceless.  Click HERE to find out more about Escuela El Sembrador.

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