Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Trusting God with Timing

I wish I was writing a blog post about how I am all packed up and ready to leave for Honduras.  If it were up to my timing that's what I would be doing.  From my human perspective, that's what I would choose.  However, as things stand, my departure is still a ways off.  I don't know when, but know that I have quite a bit more support to raise before I get there.  Some days it gets me down as I wonder how God will provide and I feel impatient to be in Honduras.  On Saturday a little incident happened that made me think about timing.

I went to Fort Smith, Arkansas with my parents.  While my mom and I were in Kohls, my dad was outside. He discovered that the car wouldn't start, and to make matters worse my mom didn't have her cell phone on her that day.  It took him a while to find my number and even after he got a hold of us it took us a while to get checked out.   We went to the parking lot to see what we could figure out, but the situation didn't look good.  We didn't have jumper cables and our car was surrounded by empty vehicles.  If the people in those cars had the same shopping habits my mom and I do, we could be waiting there hours.  My dad decided to try starting the car once more.

Right when he did a lady came by, and asked if we needed our battery jumped.  She even asked a man walking by if he could help.  It turns out he worked for an auto parts place.  He was able to give some insight and advice.  Once we got the car started, it was only a short drive to the store where we got a new battery.

Especially for my dad who was waiting longer, it was frustrating to not solve the problem sooner.  He didn't know how he would find my mom and I.  Then there was waiting to get through a rather long line at the register.  And trying to figure out what to do.  But when it all came together, it was wonderful to see how God had put us in the right place at the right time.  We didn't even have to ask anyone.  That's how great the timing was.

So, as I continue to work to raise support, I calm my heart.  I work toward the goal and hope I am able to return to Honduras soon, but trust God with the exact timing.  

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