Monday, November 24, 2014

Day 1:Arrival

Arrival might not seem like much for a day, but trust is.  My day began at 2:15am when my alarm woke me.  By 1:00pm I was in Honduras.  Thank you all so much for your prayers!  My travel went without a hitch!  Both flights were on time, and immigration and customs were a breeze.  I even met a couple of interesting people on the way.  God has really blessed me.

I was picked up by David and Debbie Hawk, Laura Griffin, and Kelly Solheim.  I spent most of the day talking and laughing and catching up.  Supper was typical Honduran food- beans, rice, tortillas and cheese (Yum!).

I am still running on adrenaline, but I need to get to sleep soon because tomorrow I will have a full day- we willl be visiting the Manuelito Project!  My plans for the trip are mostly the same, but they have changed a little, so things will be a bit different than I had previously written.

Learn more about where I will be visiting tomorrow: The Manuelito Project

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