Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What about their birthdays?

After my presentations I like to have a time when I answer questions about my presentation and the ministry going on in Honduras.  One thing people are curious about is how the boarding students live at the school.  Where do they sleep?  What do they eat?  Who makes sure they are taken care of and behaving well?

The boarding students (who are all boys) live in dormitories.  There are men who are called "consejeros" (counselors in English) who watch over them.  Male students from the seminary and missionaries are also involved in the boys lives.
 They know when they move onto the next activity (chores, mealtimes, school, church, etc), by when the bell rings.  The bell ( "la compana" in Spanish) is known affectionately by some of the boys as "mother" because it tells them what they need to be doing!
 When the boys want a snack or need something like soap or a notebook they can go to "la tienda" (the store).
 The chapel at El Sembrador is a beautiful building where church services are held.
The students eat in a dining hall ("el comedor").  Several dedicated women work in the kitchen at the school, and they are assisted by some of the students.  Most of the meals are rice and beans, which are the most common foods in Honduras.  Tortillas are also present at every meal.
The students have several places where they can play sports and have fun.  One of the most popular is a small, concrete court with waist-high walls.  It' is usually used to play futbolito ("little soccer"), but it is also converted to play volleyball now and then.

It would be impossible to celebrate each of the students birthdays individually, so celebrations are held several times a year to celebrate the birthdays that happened during certain months.  There are games, cake, and small gifts for those who have had birthdays.  The photo some of the Bible institute students are singing for the party.

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