Thursday, July 10, 2014

Excited about the Call!

Ok, yes, I am excited about the calling God has given me, but that is "the Call" I am talking about.  "The Call" is the quarterly magazine put out by WGM.  Every issue is different, but basically it informs you about the different ministries going on around the world.

Back in 2009 I became a photograph intern with WGM.  I was really excited because not only did I get to travel and take photos in a foreign country, but I also got to follow the call God had given me to explore missions.  I never could have imagined how God would use that trip to introduce me to Escuela El Sembrador!

This issue includes an article about Escuela El Sembrador, written by Jorge Pinto, a pastor who has started a ministry to street children:

This week we got the latest issue of The Call in the mail, and on the cover were two photos that I had taken during my internship (the girl in the center and the buss on the top right)!  As a photographer it is really amazing to see my photos used on the cover of a publication!

If you are majoring in a communications field, you should check out the internships WGM has to offer: You never know where it might lead!

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