Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Next Few Months

In case you missed it:
Yes, that's right!  I will be leaving for Honduras on October 13th!  I am so blessed by God's provision and the faithfulness and generosity of those who have come alongside me! 

The next weeks until I live will be a lot of packing and saying goodbye!  Since I will be gone for 18 months I have a lot to plan for!  I will be shopping for things that are easier to get here and trying to make sure I don't don't leave out anything important :-)  I also am saying goodbye to friends and family, although I am sure we will still connect and Facebook and Skype.

Where will I be when I get there?

A couple days after I arrive in Honduras I will be going out to El Sembrador in Catacamas for Ladies' Retreat, which will be a great way to catch up with and get to know some of the missionary ladies who are on the field.
After that I will start language school in Siguatepeque, Honduras!  I will be there for 4 months, take 4 hours of language classes a day and living with a Honduran family.  (If you know Adria Stamm or Heidi Buell, this is the same school they studied at).  Here is a link to the school's website:

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