Monday, February 10, 2014

The New School Year: How You Can Pray!

Over the last week El Sembrador has come to life as students have filled it's campus once again.  Classes are under way, and students are adjusting to their lives at the school.

Your prayers play a vital part in the ministry!  As the school year kicks off here are some ways you can pray:

1) For the new students.  Life at the school is a very new and different experience for them.  Boarding students live in dormitories and eat in the dining hall, which can be a big change from life at home.  The academics at the school may present a particular challenge to some. Pray that they will adjust well.

2)  For returning students.  After a few months of vacation they must readjust to life at school.  They must once again say goodbye to their families and friends and readjust to the schedule of the school.

3) For those working at the school.  For administration, teachers, staff, and missionaries the new school year is an exciting challenge.  They need your prayers as they work with the students and keep the school running. Some days are exciting, others are tiring, many are a combination of both.  However their days may go, may the Lord help and guide them as they serve.

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