Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Want to Teach your Children about Missions?

Have you ever noticed how much advertising is directed at kids? Advertisers know that our impressions about what is important are formed at a young age.  Our world views are formed as we grow.  Although I don't have children myself I see how important it is for children to learn about Christ when they are young.  Even little ones are not too young to start learning about missions.  My family and the church I went to when I was young had a great impact on me.  We read a lot of missionary stories and learned about people who lived in far away lands who didn't know about Jesus.  

If you are a parent or a Sunday school teacher and you are looking for ways to teach children about missions there are resources that can help you.  WGM has put together a few resources for parents, Sunday school teachers, and VBS leaders. 

Kid's World is a collection of articles that give ideas for how children can be involved in missions.

Kids World God Manual is a Bible study that will help you and your child discover more about what a missionary really is and how it's a call to all Christians- where-ever they live.  

Kids Helping Kids Project Catalog is a great resource for finding a cause your child can give to.  Many of the neediest people around the world are children, and this catalog provides projects your children can give to that will directly impact those needy children. 

Do you want to learn more about missions as well?  Take a look at my Resources tab.  

Also, if you have heard of Perspectives on the World Christian Movement (and even if you haven't!), but have never taken the course you should prayerfully consider it!  Courses will be starting up soon.  If you are worried about the time and money involved let me encourage you that it is worth it!  I took the course a year ago, and I believe that everyone who took the course would agree that it was a good investment.  To find out more and find a class near you go to: www.perspectives.org/

(If you have noticed that I have not been online much and not posting as often it is because I have been in the process of moving!  I am now moved and I am excited to getting back to "normal life"!)

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