Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Well, it's been a long two days of travel, but I've made it!  It's hard to believe that I am in Tegucigalpa, ready to start a challenging, but exciting new chapter in my life.  It's hard to take in how much my life is changing with this move.

I won't write much because I am tired and still processing everything, but I am excited to be here and I wanted to let ya'll know I got her alright (and so did my bags, praise God!)

This was taken 5 years ago about a month or two after I first got to Honduras...I was already in love with this beautiful country!

Maleta: Suitcase (noun)
Viajar: Travel (verb)
Viaje:  Trip (noun)
Vuelo: Flight (noun)
Descansar: Rest (verb)

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