Monday, October 13, 2014

42 Days Until... 8-day visit to Honduras!  On November 24 I will leaving Tulsa, Oklahoma for Tegucigalpa, Honduras. This trip will be an encouragement and help to me as I continue to seek partnerships.  I will be visiting a number of ministries, taking pictures, and getting stories.  It's been 4 years since I was last in Honduras and this is a great chance for me to get updated on what is going on in Honduras, particularly at Escuela El Sembrador where I will be.  These pictures and stories will not just be for me,  they will also be for the Honduras field and WGM as a whole.

I will be updating my Facebook and blog as much as I can (daily if possible) during my trip, and I plan to make a video I can send to churches.  I would love to not only visit new churches, but also re-visit some of the churches I have already been to and share with them the new, updated information.

Here is a little preview of a few of the places I will be going:

Escuela El Sembrador
(Photo taking of graduation 2009)

"Escuela El Sembrador is a Christ-centered institution dedicated to educating, discipling and challenging the future leaders of Honduras. Our goal is to help raise a generation of young people inspired and equipped to transform communities, nations and the world for Christ."Escuela El Sembrador WebsiteI will be at Escuela El Sembrador during their graduation.  This is a special time as students and their families celebrate the students' academic achievement.   While I am there I will get to see the other missionaries who serve out there, Gary and Laura Griffin and Steve, Kelly and Nick Solheim.  Since I have left the school has a number of new directors and administrators, and I am eager to meet them!

I am really excited about visiting Choluteca because because it is one of the ministries I haven't gotten to visit yet.  There is a lot of that goes on there, including church planting, a clinic, educational ministry (including both academic and vocational), economic development ministry, and there are plans to be recreation center for youth!  There are 3 couples serving at Choluteca: Larry and Angie Overholt, Tim and Aleyda Spetnagel, and Mike and Sharon Garrett.

Read an article about the vocational training here.

Project Manuelito

"The Manuelito Project is a non-profit Christian Organization that is overseen by the "Amor y Vida" (Love and Life) Evangelical Holiness Church of Honduras, different local churches and many friends residing in and outside of our country."Project Manuelito Website

Project Manuelito works with children who live on the streets of Tegucigalpa.  What they offer is much more than a place to sleep and food to eat.  They offer a home, education, and best of all- a relationship with Jesus Christ.  The man Project Manuelito site is right outside Talanga, which is on the way tout to Escuela El Sembrador, so my visit there will be made on my out there.  WGM missionaries, Justin and Asheley Guest serve there, but I won't get to meet them this time since they are back in the States.

I will also be visiting other ministries such as the kids club at Roca Fuerte Church in Tegucigalpa, and AFE, a ministry that works with the people living in and around the city dump in Tegucigalpa.  I am excited to see what God is doing at these ministries!

It will be hard to leave, but I will leave refreshed and better equipped to continue onward. Someday I will be announcing that I only have 42 days left until I leave for two years, but until then I pray, I work, and I get excited for the blessings along the way (such as this trip)!

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