Sunday, March 6, 2016

Since Language School

I graduated from language school on February 26, and moved out of Siguatepeque on the 27th.  My last few days there were a mix of packing and despedidas (goodbye parties).  I enjoyed my time there, and can't thank God enough for the wonderful people He brought into my life there and for the training I received at the school.
At the school's despedida for me.

Since then I have been in Tegucigalpa (the capitol of Honduras), staying at the mission's guesthouse.  It's always such a nice, relaxing place to be.  I've stayed here quite a bit throughout the times I have been in Honduras, and it's nice to be somewhere so familiar and peaceful.  It's a pretty big place since it houses missionaries and work teams, and it's right next door to the mission offices.  There is always some pretty amazing cooking thanks to Lucy who has worked here for a long time.

I have also gone to visit the ministries in Choluteca since I've been done.  I spent a couple of days there, and got to spend time with the Overholts who are WGM missionaries there.  Choluteca is about 3 hours south of Tegucigalpa and is close to the Pacific ocean.  There is a lot of ministry going on there.  I spent a morning at the vocational school out there.  They offer courses in welding, mechanics, and sewing.  They are also working on more!

Tomorrow morning I am heading back down to Choluteca where I will be translating for a medical team that is coming down.  I am excited to practice my translating skills!  I'll be down there about 10 days, and a few days after that it will be time for the Honduras field annual conference.  It will be a busy but exciting time!

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