Thursday, January 28, 2016

Time is Getting Close

Every day I get closer to the end of my time in Siguatepeque.  Of course, this has always been the case, but the closer I get, the more into focus it comes.  The date of my move is February 15 (more or less), and while I am looking forward to aspects of my future life in Tegucigalpa, I am also sad about what I will leave behind here. Having left my home country (and culture) my heart desperately looked for a way to make Sigua home.  I've made friends.  I have my favorite stores and places to go.  I have a little rutine.  And in three weeks I will once again make a change and be faced with the challenge of making friends, settling in to a new rutine, and finding my new "favorites".

5 Things I Will Miss about Siguatepeque

1) The school
I will miss my teachers and fellow students.  We not only learn together, but we have fun.
2) Walking
 I do a lot of walking here. I have really come to enjoy getting my exercise this way, and I will have to work harder to find situations in which I can walk in Tegucigalpa.  Every Saturday morning I wander around the downtown area popping into shops, chatting with the owners, find a place to eat lunch and do a few errands.  This is something I am really going to miss!
3) Church
I am looking forward to finding a church home in Teguc, but right now I am grateful for the warm, sweet people of my church here in Sigua.
4) Del Corral
This is a supermarket.  I know Teguc has some very good grocery stores, but I have become kind of attached to Del Corral.  They import quite a few American products and I have learned where most things are, so it will be an adjustment to get used to another supermarket.
5) Arte y Costura
This is a store that basically my "Hobby Lobby" here.  They have a great selection of beads.  All kinds of thread, string, lace, trim, etc.  They sell lots of cute little decorative details.  And the women who work there are super friendly and helpful.  They know me by name if that tells you anything about the frequency of my visits :-)

5 Things I look Forward to About Life in Teguc
1) Having a wider variety
Sigua really has a good variety of stores and restaurants, but Teguc has even more, particularly when it comes to American food (name it and they probably have it!).  There is even a Walmart in Teguc.
2) Getting to know the people I will work with
It's going to be hard to leave my friends here, but I am excited to make new friends in Tegucigalpa as well.  
3) Finding a Church
There are 12 Santidad churches in Tegucigalpa, and I am excited to see which one the Lord will lead me to.
4) Having My Own Place
I have been living with a Honduran family and enjoying it, but I am looking forward to cooking my own meals again and setting up my new room in Teguc (I will actually be sharing an apartment with another WGM missionary who has been in Teguc for a few months already).
5) Starting the Work I Came to Do
I have really enjoyed language school and I would stay longer if I could but I am also really excited to start my work here and use the Spanish I have been studying!

Thank you all so much for your prayers and support!

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