Thursday, October 31, 2013

She's not my mother!

I just got back from a great week in Minnesota and Iowa! It was wonderful to see my family, reconnect with old friend, and meet new ones!

While I was there I drove up to the Twin Cities to see the Solheims.  I met the Solheims in 2010 when we both were volunteers at El Sembrador.  We fit as much as we could into one day-eating at their favorite Mexican Restaurant, shopping, jewelry making, painting our nails, making pizza, and lots of catching up and reminiscing. Steve and Nick declined to join us for the jewelry making and nail painting.

One of our favorite memories is how Kelly Solheim and I would head for to town every week or two for an a girl's day out.  And by girl's day out I mean a granita (frappaccino) and grocery shopping.  Okay, maybe a little shopping for nail polish.  After a few months peoples people around town started to recognize us.  They wanted to know who we were, why we were in Honduras and if we were related, and a few times we were asked if Kelly was my mother (she's not even close to being old enough)!

As Kelly and I almost share a birthday (hers is Oct 25th and mine Oct 30th) we celebrated together with cake:

To hear Kelly's perspective of our visit  and learn more about the Solheims and their ministry go to: Adventures in Chaos .

As for the nailpolish, here are a couple of pictures (I am referred to as AT in the blog):

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