Friday, September 6, 2013

FAQs Part 2

When will you be going to Honduras?
I am aiming to leave mid to late summer 2014.

What are you doing currently?
Currently I am doing doing Home Ministry Assignment or HMA.  This is a time when I build partnerships in the US by speaking with churches, groups (small groups, Bible studies), and individuals. I really enjoy talking to people about what God is doing in Honduras and the vision he has given me for ministry, so please don't hesitate to contact me- we can set up a coffee date (or perhaps a Skype date if you live a ways away)!  I also am willing and able to travel!  I would love the opportunity to speak to you, your church, and/or a group you are involved in.  I am praying about planning several trips, so let me know and I can work speaking your area into the plans!

How can we keep in contact?
There are lots of options.  If you have found this blog then you know one of the best ways to keep up with
what is happening with my ministry. A second way is to sign up for my newsletter! You can sign up for it by clicking the link on the left of the page and filling in your name and email address on the form. You can also keep updated by liking my Facebook page ( ) and following me on Twitter ( ). You can send me an email at .

My blogs are newsletter will contain different content, and even though I've been working to link them, my Facebook page and Twitter aren't identical either.

Do you have to raise support?
Yes. A one time gift goes toward plane tickets, immigration fees, and similar expenses.  Monthly gifts contribute to the set amount needed to provide for expenses that occur monthly such as housing, food, and ministry expenses. In short, 100% of my financial support goes toward making ministry possible.  Please contact me if you like a more complete rundown and explanation.

Should I start sending in support now or when you are on the field?
Support sent in now helps with me with travel expenses now during my HMA.  It also goes toward one time expenses.  It would be a blessing if you are able to start giving right away, but please do as you are lead in your prayerful consideration.

How can we pray?
So glad you asked!  Prayer is very important to this ministry!  Here are two of my requests:
1) Pray that God will direct me as I continue in HMA.  There are a lot of details and decisions, and my prayer is that I will always be listening to God and relying on Him.
2) Pray for the ministries going on in Honduras.  In the future I plan on writing a blog giving descriptions of the ministries, but for now here are the descriptions of the ministries on the WGM website:

Notice something new?  Well, I am working on a new look for my blog, what do you think? (I love feedback!).  I am also working on finding a clever name for my blog, so let me know if you have an idea.  Also, I have added a resources tab at the top.  On this tab you will find ways to keep in touch with me,ways to find out more about World Gospel Mission, and  resources that are helpful in learning more about missions (there's even a section of resources to help teach your children about missions!).

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